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Belsogno’s central position in Southern Italy makes it a great launch pad for day trip excursions and single overnight outings. Pompeii, Naples and the Amalfi coast are less than 2 hours by car. From Naples you can park and take a short Ferry ride to the isles of Capri or Ischia. All of these Mediterranean destinations can be toured in a single day.

To the east lies the quaint seaside town of Termoli. Situated on the pristine aqua blue Adriatic Sea just 45 minutes by car you can spend a day at the beach, shop for unique gifts offered by strolling beach vendors, dine in historic Termoli on fresh seafood brought in that morning and tour the historic treasure of Termoli. From Termoli you can hop a hydrofoil for a 1 hour trip to the Tremiti Islands where you can swim, snorkel and scuba. Boat rentals are available for traversing the beautiful coastlines of these jewels of the Adriatic, and a one hour car ride takes you to the Gargano peninsula with its promontory cliffs, beautiful  beaches,  and historic towns such as Monte St. Angelo.

To the South lies Puglia; famous for its robust wines and olive groves, the landscape and lifestyle change dramatically with such things as the conical houses of Alberobello. With a single overnight trip you can then tour Lecce (Florence of the South) and the cliff dwelling ruins of Matera.

For Cyclists and trekkers your oasis is found much closer to home at Belsogno. Cycling is a passion in Molise.  Cycling to and from Campobasso from Montagano is a regular route for local enthusiasts. The region of Molise is dotted with  Tratturos which are the ancient passage ways for shepherds during their annual journeys from the highlands of  Abruzzo to the warm low lands of Puglia. These Tratturos still remain and are well marked for your trekking pleasures.

In Abruzzo, to the North of Belsogno (1 hour by car) lies the beautiful Parco Nationale  d’Abruzzo. Wildlife and bird watching are superb in this pristine environment. The region of Molise is a concentration of tiny quaint hilltop villages., each with its own history, beautiful churches, cathedrals and in some cases castles. In Campobassso the regions largest city, the historic district (Centro Storico) is looked over by its castle. If you are interested in ancient history, the ruins of Sepina are a 45 minute drive from Belsogno and easily accessible by bicycle. Southern Italy to this day is very much as it has always been. Come see it for yourself.