Staying at Belsogno slows down time

Nestled on the side of a rolling slope, checker boarded with olive trees and modest vegetable gardens, I instantly feel my shoulders relax. I am welcomed home as I come through the gate, bordered by a low stone wall, from which are growing large bushes of rosemary and a small water cistern being continually filled from the small spikit. The upward sloping driveway, replete with grape vines and mass rose plantings,  always catches, and is appreciated by my gardeners’ eye. The owners, Marikate and Mark, have renovated this old farm house into an artistic and cozy small villa with upstairs balconies overlooking the terrace where we often dine in the evening while soaking up the vast view of mountain tops stretching into the distance for hundreds of miles.

Speaking of dining, Kate is a gifted cook; a natural chef…to sit at her table will be an experience worth the trip itself.  The table will always be set with colorful, local textiles, hand painted dishes, candles and flowers. But it will be the food prepared that day just for you, which you will always remember. Fresh buffalo mozzarella, obtained that morning from the water buffalo farm nearby.  Fresh tomatoes, lettuces and veggies from the surrounding countryside. Fresh bread baked that morning from the local bakery in the nearby village of Montegano.  On my many stays it was not uncommon to wake up to find a basket left by a neighbor, filled with whatever was in season, cherries, zucchini flowers and fava beans to name a few.

Belsogno, although in the country, is a short ride to the village of Montegano, where you will be charmed by the quiet, slow rhythm of daily life.  Sitting at outdoor cafes, visiting the gelato shop, and enjoying the small piazza and church where the local people stroll around in the long summer evenings to visit and talk.   Campbosso, a major small city is only twenty minutes away.  There I can get my shopping fix by going to the local daily markets. What fun to come home with a bargain from the flea market to gift my friends with back in the States!

Belsogno is a well kept secret that will be appreciated by the traveler that enjoys “getting away from it all”.